eva ruzickova

Eva Ruzickova is an alumnus of the Prague UMPRUM atelier of K.O.V. led by Eva Eisler.

During her studies she underwent an internship at the Burg Giebichenstein
University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany, in Schmuck Studio Daniel Krugr. In
2016, her work was selected at the prestigious TALENTE show in Munich. She also
exhibited in Milan, New York, Berlin or London.

„I am fascinated by the craft, the technology and the endless potential of materials.
That‘s why I like to experiment and use materials such as wood, cork, slate, pearl
and many others. The emphasis is also on precision craftsmanship and detail. I
perceive the jewelry as a personal and intimate testimony, something very close to
the body, in my work I would like to include these important principles for me – birth,
growth, balance, fleshiness and emotion.„

You can contact Eva at info@evaruzickova.com or using the Contact tab on this website.

Connect with Eva via her Facebook Fan Page and follow her on Pinterest to see all new project pictures.

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